I started this blog with intent to vent frustrations and find support amidst other awesome bloggers going through similar troubles. I was in search of healing. I have never been a writer before this and I never wanted to write. Just the thought of writing or reading a blog made me cringe. Thinking back, I … More Fin

The Beautiful Grind

This new life is starting to make sense. I’m beginning to find the rythym with classes and work. I do laundry and homework on Saturday and try to relax as much as possible on Sunday before going in to build boxes. Unfortunately that’s part of my job now.  I’m a bread man. I don’t own … More The Beautiful Grind

Where and when am I

It’s been a while since my last post, but I can’t dream of anyone twiddling their thumbs in anticipation of another pointless ramble. I will continue for the one or two who may find solace in another’s pain. Nothing you can imagine a certain place or time will look like ever captures that vision. I … More Where and when am I

Dear Home,

Five years ago we searched and searched for a house to call home. It took many months and we finally pushed my credit score high enough to buy. The hunt was finally over. With an inclined driveway and a strange but adaptable layout, I was ready to sign. My wife had one more house she … More Dear Home,

The real deal

She came to town yesterday. Probably to take care of something for the divorce or work. I wish she knew how knotted up my stomach is. I feel the same way I did when we discovered my mom got cancer. I know my marriage is over. I know I’m moving out. I’ve accepted it. I … More The real deal

The Right Reason

I may hold the current record for the longest attempt at graduating with an associate’s degree. I enrolled in 2001 with the expectation of pursuing a bachelor’s in architecture. I remember meeting with an advisor and I felt hopelessly out of place. I didn’t think I was smart enough to pass all of the math … More The Right Reason